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Vines crops growing poles

Material shows that: the utility model is made of glass fibre composite mat, glass fibre stitched mat, fiberglass roving, unsaturated polyester resin, light calcium carbonate, uv absorber, composite initiator, composite catalyst, ageing resistance gel after waiting for pultrusion process by high temperature processing production.
The background technologies:
Vine crops planted many areas in China, because of the special structure of crop growth, limited to the crop support structure, the artificial planting and harvest has been used in many regions lags behind, causing crops harvest is not timely, the high cost of manual picking, low efficiency of faults, mechanization planting become farmers harvested first choice, but because of the support structure and other issues have been unable to solve the problem.
Traditional way of cultivation for wood, bamboo structure, greenhouses stent iron pipe structure of stent.
Weakness: the collapse of aging, poor ability to resist wind erosion corrosion resistance to ultraviolet ray, unreasonable structure, cannot meet the needs of the mechanical harvest.

Grapes, for example:
Wooden box with the bamboo structure: each planting season, after the harvest must be widespread, the perennial TengMu crops in finishing brings considerable damage.
Cause severe pests, such as: grape downy mildew disease (revelation?), grape white rot, grapes, cob brown blight, felt sick easily through the wood such as crop disease, caused by epiphyte MuZhu structure is grape stubble mites (grape red spider), carrier, pests such as dung beetles develop.
Iron structure stainless steel structure: expensive, decay resistance ability is poor, lack of ability to resist wind load, complicated installation, welding machine, cutting machine, power supply and other specific installation conditions and limitations.

In large-scale grape growing region of xinjiang basic unable to install and use.