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Pultruded molded FRP grating


The chemical industry, paper industry, power plants, sewage treatment plant, food processing plants, smelters, storage battery factory, mine, saltworks, nuclear power plants, and so on.Available as: the pedestrian walkway, bridge plate, industrial floor, operation platform, trench cover plate, tray, guardrail, fence, shelves, isolation belt, green corridors, floor step and so on.
Product features:
1. A variety of chemical medium corrosion resistance, never rust, use cycle is long, free of maintenance.
2. The flame retardant, special design formula can meet the engineering requirement for fire protection, so as to ensure safety.
3. The insulation, never burning, non-magnetic.
4. A slight elasticity, can reduce fatigue, enhance intimacy, improve work efficiency.
5. Light weight, high strength, and is convenient for cutting, installation.
6. Can design sex is strong, flexible and varied size, size stability.
Detailed information:
Glass fiber reinforced plastic grille by glass fiber braiding, resin pouring integral moulding
1, glass fiber crisscross textile fully saturated with the resin to make grid corrosion to the greatest extent.
2, the whole structure will be uniformly distributed load, installed help grille and the uniform stress of the support structure.
3, grille, luster surface and italics the reflector gratings are self-cleaning effect.

4, add grating surface concave grating last has non-slip performance, sanding the surface anti-skid effect is better.