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Aquaculture poles

I company in 2010 invested heavily in new product research and development, through the efforts of the company all staff, especially in scientific and technological personnel of hard work, first developed in 2011, the company successfully developed the "chaunghui" brand composite materials laver breeding special poles, declare the country inventions, utility models and designs three patents and passed.The enhancement of the product selection of quality materials and matrix resin, with the high temperature curing technology and synthetic polymer lubrication technology producing laver breeding special poles used to replace the bamboo poles.Than traditional bamboo poles "gen CDH" composite laver breeding special poles have corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to impact fatigue resistance, light weight, high strength performance advantages, saving the state resources, environmental protection and energy saving effect, is a domestic initiative.Product quality, performance indicators are the national the relevant industry standards and through the "national fiberglass products supervision and inspection center" detection, filled the gap of domestic laver poles in aquaculture, the end of the domestic situation of laver breeding serious wood resources consumption.2011 as LianYunGang government, district, district in the fisheries bureau, district technology bureau, combined key promotion project and success.