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Jiangsu Chuanghui Composite Materials Co.,Ltd (CHFRP), is a leading technology company that designs, manufactures and markets composite profiles and tubes  for demanding industrial applications.Chuanghui Composites has 18 production units in two cities in Jiangsu province:Lianyungang city and Nanjing city.


We always focuse on innovative customer tailored solutions, developing the products in close co-operation with our customers meeting the strictest customer requirements.


Chuanghui Composites utilizes pultrusion, pullwinding technology to make I-beam,U-channel, Gratings,square tubes and so on. With the rich experience, we could offer the optimum and more practical package solution program . Our research team is capable of assisting  customers to perform product design ,tooling design and do some related testing work etc. Chuanghui Composites could supply constructed profiles and functional products for Electric industry ,Cold chain industry, Chemical Engineering ,Environment Safe project and Civil infrastructure project and so on .


We adhere to the concept that continuous improvement and optimized management , gradually developing the processing technology and production efficiency to reduce the cost ,which enable her to satisfy the customers'requirements better at all sides.